Savings of In-Home Printing Compared to Print Shops: How much can you save?

Anyone who’s been a part of a printing operation of any size understands how quickly printing costs can add up. As the total cost rises, oftentimes so does your blood pressure. Let’s break down how much in-home printing can save you (money-wise and sanity-wise alike!) on your next printing job.

If you intend to process 100 prints it becomes quite clear just how much money you will save if you chose to print in-home rather than at a lab. For example, if you were to outsource those 100 prints to a printing lab it would cost a staggering $3,800 out of your pocket. Not only are you sending your prints away to be handled—and perhaps bungled—by someone else, you are also lengthening your entire printing process. If you’re like most people, you’re insanely busy and incredibly pressed for time. If you have a home printer, immediacy becomes the name of the game.

A professional-grade and dependable printer will cost you just below or above $3,000. The Canon imagePROGRAF PRO-2000 24” Printer, for example, will set you back $2,696. If you were keeping tabs on the math here, buying this printer would cost less money than outsourcing 100 prints to a printing lab.

Once you acquire your professional grade, at home printing station all you have to replenish is ink and paper. Beyond this occasional cost, you have full creative control over the printing of your work, the ability to stick to your own, self-determined timeline, and the knowledge that you are saving money every time you send your printer a new job.
If you are tired of sending off your prints to be handled by some stranger at a printing lab, you should consider investing in an at-home printing system. There is no reason for you to pass up the opportunity to save money and time, which together equals less stress.

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