February Feature: David Thomas

Dave Thomas Artist of the Month

David Thomas: Artist of the Month

David Thomas was born in Germany to a military family in 1989, traveling the world as a child because of this, finally settling down in rural Nebraska and attending Briar Cliff University. Here he attained his BA in Studio Art and minor in Art History, studying under Jeff Baldus and Nan Wilson. Post Graduation, Thomas moved to Florida and worked with Derek Gores for a years time, and is now currently residing and working in Austin, Texas.

Finding Himself

Thomas discovered his fingerprinting technique shortly after arriving to new haven as an abstract element to add to paintings, but soon became obsessed with them, painting vast field of fingerprints in an abstract grid. Slowly these grids began taking human form. Without the brush he has a more tactile relationship with his materials and subject matter. 

How He Works

There is a serenity that comes through monotony or repetition in his work; this obsessive style is what he uses to let his mind wander freeing his hands to work naturally. This mindlessness allows him to create images that are simultaneously outside of himself and a self-narrative. He draws influence from art noveau, pop, and surrealism. The themes he explores in his work are mortality and a fascination with the arcane, the power dynamics inherent in relationships, and a glorifying of the mundane through idolatry.

The Fingerprints

The fingerprints themselves speak to identity and to all of the individual identities that have shaped us along our paths, putting their stamp on us, so to speak. We are not one identity, but an ever changing ever growing group of identities. We have encounter and learn from them, the collective of these becomes something unique and fleeting. Genetic and relational pixels that make up the picture of who we are.

David Thomas was recommended to us by Zack at Almost Real Things, learn more about Concept to Creation here!

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